Our Services

Labcom Sistemas has a highly qualified technical team to support the specific demands of each customer, by offering professional services in telecom in the area of specification, development and system and hardware integration.

Labcom Sistemas also offers signaling link monitoring services, making the information available in a consolidated way to be used in the different applications. As an application example it is possible to mention the CDR (Call Detail Record) generation to be used for billing auditing activities.

Signaling Protocol Monitoring Services

Labcom Sistemas offers several signaling monitoring services in E1 or IP links, making available the collected information in a consolidated form for use in different applications

Signaling Monitoring

Telephony signaling monitoring for diagnosis purposes and quality analysis over several signaling protocols, generating evaluation reports.

Call Data Register (CDR) Generation for Monitoring

Call Data Register (CDR) generation for monitoring purposes from the signaling protocols collected on E1 signaling links (ISUP and R2) and SIP routes, aiming to audit the revenue and interconnection quality between service providers. Results presentation in standard format and online access to CDRs during the service execution.

Monitoring Equipment

Labcom Sistemas offers its own equipment for E1 monitoring and CDR generation. The equipment the equipment is developed by Labcom Sistemas, with 2 E1 Interfaces per board. Configurable storage capacity according to the application and basic services available: WEB server, Syslog agent and SNMP agent

Specification, Consulting and Development Services

Labcom Sistemas offer a series of services related to R&D for service providers and other customers that use communication protocols

Specification Services

System specification and Communication System Testing specification services for new functionalities, using language SDL and MSC (ITU-T). System specification of applications using communication protocols

Technical Consulting Services

Communication systems consulting services including digital signal processing, UNIX/LINUX OS, SDL/MSC (ITU-T) communication protocols

Software Development Services

On demand software development for communication systems, UNIX (Linux and Solaris) server and web applications. Management, Specification, Implementation and Testing of software development projects